How to acquire and setup up Local and/or Toll Free Static Numbers in an AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Account

Acquiring, Installing and Maintaining Local and/or Toll Free Static Numbers within an AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Account

AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Accounts support Dynamic Number Insertion as well as non-dynamic (Static) number call reporting. Use Static numbers (also called AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) numbers) whenever you wish to tie-back phone calls to offline marketing activity.

After successfully logging into your AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Account click the link AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and then click Purchase Numbers


From the pull down menu select the country for which you need to purchase a number. In the example screenshot below we have selected United States.


From the pull down menu select either Local or Toll Free Number. The respective rates that you will be paying for numbers for the country of your choice are manifested within a table as represented in the screen shot below.


Enter the desired area code for which you need a number in field marked Area Code and then click the button Find Numbers.


After finding a number of your choice apply a check to the box adjacent to the number. You may purchase more than one number at any given time. After apply the check(s) click the button Purchase Selected.


Click OK when the Onscreen prompt asks you to reconfirm your purchase.


After your purchase has been completed you will receive an Onscreen prompt advising you that your purchase has been completed. You will now need to click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) > Campaigns to go to the next step of configuring your phone numbers.


In the field labeled Forwarding To enter all 10 digits of the receiving number. For example if wish to forward calls from your AvidTrak number to your office phone number and your office phone number is (213) 555-1212 enter the digits as 213-555-1212 in the Forwarding To field. In the field Label Name (optional) you may enter a nickname for this phone number. The Ad Group Name (optional) is a second name that you can enter to distinguish your number. Typical use case would be: Label Name: Newspaper Ads. AdGroup: New York Times Classified. If you wish to record phone conversations that come into your phone apply a check to the box labeled Recording. Click Save Forwarding to apply your settings.


If you wish to change the Forwarding Number for your Static Number or if you wish to advise a caller that you are recording their calls then AvidTrak makes it easy to implement these functions. Click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and then Setting.


Select the number that you wish to change settings for and then click the blue box that appears in the left column and choose Edit.


In the field marked Forwarded To enter the digits (without spaces, parentheses, dashes or dots) for the new receiving phone number. In the field labeled Pre-Amble enter the message that you wish a caller to hear. In the example below we have typed in: this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. The caller will hear this message. Click update to save your setting. If you wish to disable the Recording feature select Off.


If your settings are saved successfully then you will receive an Onscreen prompt. However, we do recommend that you test your phone line by dialing your AvidTrak number to ensure that your calls are being connected correctly.


To view your call logs click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and select All AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) Calls


To view your call logs click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and select All AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) Calls. Select the date range for the call logs. You can also listen to the recorded calls by clicking Listen/Download.


To return a number that you do not wish to use any further click AvidTrak-Offline (Lite) and Setting


Find the number that you wish to return, click the blue box and from the roll down menu select Return Number.


Click the OK button when the Onscreen prompt asks you to reconfirm your decision to return the number.


If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)