How to setup and configure your AvidTrak Agency account & Setting up an AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Account within your Agency Account

Quick Start/Basic Configuration of your AvidTrak AvidTrak Agency Account with AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Account

Signing up for an AvidTrak Agency account is simple. Visit and click on the Get Started Button that appears on the Free Trial image.


Fill the information in the fields. Your User ID should not have any special characters and you may not use your email address as your User ID. Please do not use any special characters such as: (!@#$%^&*() in your password. Your password should have at least one upper case letter and at least one numeral digit.


After you have successfully signed up and onscreen “Thank You” prompt will appear within your browser.


Check your email account and you would have received an email from AvidTrak asking you to confirm your request for account setup. Click on the link that appears within the email or copy and paste the link within a web browser.


If your account is successfully verified you will see “Verified Successfully” appear at the bottom of the web page. You will also see a Click Here link which will allow you to login to your Account


You may now login to your AvidTrak account by visiting Type in your User ID and Password. Please note that Password is case sensitive so please be sure to enter in your password using the correct case. Click Login.


AvidTrak will now ask you to select a type of a client account. If you plan on using dynamically inserted numbers as well as static number choose the AvidTrak ProLite Account option. If you plan on using only Static phone numbers then select AvidTrak-Offline(Lite) account option from the pull down menu.


In the example below we are setting up a ProLite client account. Fill in the required information. Enter the phone numbers without using parenthesis, dashes, spaces or dots. Click Submit.


After successfully setting up a new client account, AvidTrak will ask you to purchase a new number for your client account. You can purchase numbers either for your agency account or directly for your client’s account. In the example below we have shown a use case where the phone number is being purchased for the newly setup client account.


In the example below we have selected our client account “CarDealer” and selected a Local number. We wish to acquire a local area code of 858 for our car dealer. Click the button labeled Search to search for numbers


Select a number from the list of numbers that appear and then click Order


Click the OK button if you wish to continue with your order.


If your order is processed by AvidTrak you will receive an onscreen prompt advising you that the order has been processed.


AvidTrak will now take you to your Agency dashboard view. You will see your new client account and you will also see that your recently acquired phone number appears under the column labeled “unassigned numbers.” You will now need to click the link labeled View under the Action column.


AvidTrak will now ask you to reconfirm that Forward To number. In the field labeled Change forwarding of Avid Number enter in the phone number that will receive calls from the AvidTrak number(s) in your account. Please remember to enter the numbers in without use of dashes, parentheses, spaces or dots. Click the button labeled Update Forwarding


AvidTrak will now take you to a step called Set Number Assignment. In this step your phone number will be assigned to a specific tracking channel. Click the Change link that appears under the Action column.


In the example below we have selected Google PPC as the assigned channel. Click Change to apply your settings to the phone number.


AvidTrak now takes you to a screen where you may copy your client’s account specific JavaScript. Copy and paste this JavaScript to a notepad and then email the same to your web developer for insertion on your client account’s web pages.


AvidTrak recommends that its JavaScript be placed/inserted at the bottom of the web page just before the closing body tag (as shown in the example below).


While your Web Master is installing JavaScript on the web pages you may review and finish up your client account settings. Click View under the Action column to access your client account


When you enter your client account view click My Account > My Account Setting


In step numbers 1a through 1f enter in the respective information into the fields. Click Update.


In Step-2 Smart Replacement you will need to enter the phone number on the website that will be dynamically replaced by AvidTrak. For example if your website has a phone number (855) 333-1212 that currently appears on the web pages and you would like AvidTrak numbers to dynamically replace/swap this number out then enter 8553331212 in the field provided in the Smart Replacement section. If you have more than one number that you wish to replace on you web page with AvidTrak number then enter in the second number. Click Save after entering your information


AvidTrak makes it easy for you to apply Google Adwords ValueTrack tagging parameters to your Adwords destination URLs. Applying ValueTrack tags to your destination URL is required to accurately track your Adwords keywords. To generate a tag click My Account > Resources > URL Generator


In the field provided enter the targeted web page. Apply checks and click Generate URL. Your landing page destination URL will appear in the field labeled Generated URL. Use this new ValueTrack tagged destination URL in your Adwords Campaigns.


If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)