Learn how to Setup Call Tracking for Franchisees. Implement Call Tracking for your Franchise Business. Provide Call Tracking for Multiple Business listed on a Single Web Page.

For Franchisees who use Paid Search and Display Advertising Campaigns to generate phone leads, adopt AvidTrak Metro as your call tracking solution of choice.

Many Franchise companies conduct Internet advertising on behalf of their Franchisees. An advertising tactic frequently utilized by the Franchisor is to create a single Metropolitan “Metro” page which then manifests multiple franchisees (typically in a matrix format) on what is called a Metro-Page.

The Metro Page Franchisee Matrix captures each individual Franchisee’s name, location and a single call tracking phone number. In conducting an Internet Advertising and Marketing campaign, one of the challenges that a Franchisor typically faces is related to determining which keyword, campaign, ad and referral source leads to a phone call to a particular Franchisee. AvidTrak-Metro is a call tracking solution geared towards providing Franchisors with information tying back inbound calls to a franchisee with web visits. Inbound phone calls are matched to search keyword, ad, Campaign-name and web referral source.

AvidTrak Metro Call Tracking allows Franchisors a user-friendly software platform that yields keyword level call tracking statistics and caller details for each Franchisee location manifested on a single Metro Page.

The AvidTrak Metro call tracking platform is structured such that each Franchisee location is considered to be a group to which call tracking numbers may be “allocated” after the same have been assigned to specific channels.

Once setup this way, calls are matched to visits for each of the various locations, and appropriate reports are produced.

How to Manually Allocate Call Tracking Phone Numbers for Franchisees

Login to your account and find the “Metro” link in the top navigation bar just after the support link. When you point your mouse cursor to metro a drop down appears, click “Allocation”


In the allocation screen you will need to input the existing “default” phone numbers for the Franchisees. These default numbers are the ones which will be replaced by the AvidTrak call tracking numbers. You will provide your Franchisee’s current site numbers under the “Multi Number Replacement” heading as shown below. Each number can be given a title/label, for example based on the Franchisee’s location. However, the title/label is optional and without it the reports will still be produced with the Franchisee’s default number used as a reference.


When you add your Franchisee’s site number, the saved numbers will be displayed below the save button. In the next step you will need to allocate call tracking numbers which will replace your Franchisee’s number on your web page.

To allocate a tracking number click the “allocation” link in the same row of your site number as shown below


In the example above we have assumed that you have previously procured AvidTrak call tracking numbers and have assigned the same to track calls from various marketing channels such as Google PPC, Google Organic etc. You may now allocate the numbers to each Franchisee location.

When you click the Allocation link, a popup window appears containing your current un-allocated numbers with their respective type of assignment such as: whether PPC, organic etc., (shown in figure below)

“Note: un-allocated number means that a call tracking number has not as yet been allocated to any Franchisee number in AvidTrak Metro.


Select your required numbers from the list by applying a check in the box then click submit to allocate the selected number to your site number for a specific Franchisee location.


How to Equally Allocate Call Tracking Phone Numbers for Franchisees

In the event that you need to deploy a large quantity of call tracking numbers towards your Franchisee locations and you wish to deploy the entire quantity of call tracking numbers equally between all the Franchisees then use the “near-equal” feature to simplify the allocation of the numbers to the various Franchisee location numbers. If the quantity of call tracking numbers does not allow for equal division then do not worry as one can always allocate the remaining numbers manually to the appropriate Franchisee locations.

For example: You have 5 tracking numbers and two location or site numbers, this feature will allocate 2 numbers to each of your locations numbers and one number will be free to allocate to any site number manually.

Click the “+” sign with the heading Equal Allocation. It will show you the summary of available tracking numbers as shown below


To auto allocate the numbers check the box “Equal Allocation”, it will bring all the site numbers. Check the required site numbers to which you want to allocate the tracking numbers and click “Allocate”


How to View Summary/Manifest of Receiving and Call Tracking Numbers Allocated towards Franchisees

Click the “+” link with the heading “Site phone number summary” to display the summary of all your Franchisee default numbers along with the total number of the allocated numbers grouped by their type of allocation (Organic, Adwords, etc)


How to View Group Report of Calls Received for Franchisees

Go to the Metro menu in the top navigation bar and select Group as shown in figure below


This action will bring up a report showing visits, calls and conversions by Group. If you did not put in a title/label for the Franchisee default number, then the Franchisee location number will be displayed instead of the Franchisee Label (as shown in the picture below).


To drill down into each visit and call and see the full log click Visits and Calls links which will render the visit/call detail report as shown below.


How to View Calls Logs for Franchisees

Go to the Metro menu bar at the top navigation and select “Metro Call Log” as shown below


Metro call log shows the call details of all matched calls related to those tracking numbers that are allocated to AvidTrak Metro. You may filter the records by your site number.


If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email Support@avidtrak.com or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)