Learn how to acquire and assign marketing channels to call tracking numbers. Implement call tracking for Google, Yahoo and Bing Paid Search Channels and Organic Traffic.

Utilize AvidTrak dynamically inserted call tracking numbers to assign a unique phone for each marketing channel. Track phone calls by different referral sources using channel specific dynamically inserted call tracking numbers.

Dynamically inserting a call tracking number into a web page based upon a web visitor’s referral source allows you to match inbound phone calls to a specific referral source. You may track multiple referral sources simultaneously within your AvidTrak account. The referral sources may be paid or unpaid generators of traffic to your site and you may assign one or multiple phone numbers towards each referral source.

To assign numbers to your account, begin by logging in into your account.


If you have not purchased numbers for your account do so by clicking AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Phone Setup > Order New Numbers


Search for your desired numbers by filling in the required fields and then clicking the Search button.


Select the numbers that you wish to purchase and then click the Order button.


After your order has been accepted and processed you will receive an onscreen confirmation advising you of your order being completed.


How to Assign Call Tracking Numbers after Phone Number Acquisition

Click AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Phone Setup > Number Assignment


How to Assign Call Tracking Numbers to popular referral sources such as Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines

Typically the most common sources of web traffic are Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine based and emanate from either paid or organic links. AvidTrak allows you to quickly assign a phone number to these common sources of traffic.

Select a number that you wish to assign to a particular channel and then click the Change link


Use the pull down menu in the field labeled Select Engine/Type to assign a channel for a tracking phone number. In the example below Google Organic is selected for assignment to a phone number.


Click the Change Button and wait for the onscreen confirmation advising you that your settings have been saved.


Your new assignment should now appear on the screenAssign_Marketing_Channels_to_Call_Tracking_Numbers_10

How to Re-Assign a Call Tracking Number to another referral source

Reassigning previously assigned call tracking numbers to new referral source is easy. Select the number that you wish to reassign. In the example below we have selected the number assigned to Google PPC, click the Change link.


Wait for the drop down menu to appear and using the pull down menu assign a new referral source for this number.



Wait for the onscreen confirmation and then click the OK button to confirm.


You should now see your new referral source assignment for the number.


How to assign call tracking numbers to specific referral sources other than Google, Yahoo and Bing

AvidTrak allows you to track virtually an unlimited quantity of referral sources. If you need to track calls from sources other than the popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo then select Link Source from the pull down menu. In the field labeled Doman input the referral source that you wish to assign a number to and click Change. In the example below we have selected Facebook.com as the referral source but you are free to assign any domain name.


How to assign call tracking numbers to non specific, random referral sources of traffic

Some website owners receive web traffic by way of random, unknown sources. While the frequency of web traffic may be low from unknown sites, at times the quality of such traffic may be good from a stand point of relevance to your product or service. In such cases it may make sense to assign a “catch-all” referral source number which captures the visits and calls from random sources.

To assign a call tracking number to a non-specific source of traffic first select a number that is unassigned and click Change.


From the pull down menu select Link Source. Leave the field labeled Domain blank. Click the Change button.


The number that is now assigned to a random referral source appears with an Assignment Type “Dynamic Domain”


How to assign a call tracking number for Direct Sources of traffic

Website owners who wish to track phone calls that come in through an input of their domain name in the web browser can specify an AvidTrak number specifically for their domain name.

To assign a call tracking number for direct load of URL select a number that is to be assigned and click Change.


From the pull down menu select Direct and click Save.


The phone number will now appear with Direct under the Assignment Type column.



If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email Support@avidtrak.com or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)