How to setup and configure a Free Trial AvidTrak Pro Account with Dynamically Inserted Toll Free and/or Local Numbers.

Learn how to configure and setup your Online Signup Free Trial AvidTrak Pro Account. Learn how to acquire and configure free trial phone numbers which may be dynamically inserted into your web pages.

By signing up online for an AvidTrak Pro Account, you may acquire toll free and/or local numbers which you may configure such that the same are dynamically inserted into your web pages. This dynamic insertion of phone numbers (with the help of AvidTrak JavaScript placed on your web pages) allows you to track incoming phone calls back to an online media referring source. Note that AvidTrak Pro accounts also support call tracking by way of static numbers. In summary: you may acquire toll free or local numbers for your AvidTrak Pro account and configure the same for either dynamic insertion of static placement.

Signing up for a free trial of an AvidTrak Pro account is simple. Visit and click on the Get Started Button that appears on the Free Trial image.


Fill the information in the fields. Your User ID should not have any special characters and you may not use your email address as your User ID. Please do not use any special characters such as: (!@#$%^&*() in your password. Your password should have at least one upper case letter and at least one digit. Click the Sign Up Now button after filling in all the fields.


After you have successfully signed up and onscreen “Thank You” prompt will appear within your browser.


Next check your email account and you would have received an email from AvidTrak asking you to confirm your request for account setup. Click on the link that appears within the email or copy and paste the link within a web browser.


If your account is successfully verified you will see “Verified-Successfully” appear at the bottom of the web page. You will also see a Click Here link which will allow you to login to your Account.


You may now login to your AvidTrak account by visiting Type your User ID and Password. Please note that the Password is case sensitive so please be sure to enter in your password using the correct case. Click Login. If you have forgotten your recently setup User ID and Password check your email as AvidTrak would have sent you an email advice providing you with your ID and Password



You will now need to purchase a number or numbers for your new account. Select either Toll or Local from the pull down menu labeled Type. In the example below we have selected a Toll free number. Next specify an area code. In the example below we have selected an 855 vintage toll free number. Click Search after entering in your preferences.


In the image below you can see that AvidTrak has manifested 3 rows of 855 toll free numbers that are available for purchase. Select a number or additional numbers by apply a check or checks to the boxes adjacent to the number. After completing your selection click the Order button.


AvidTrak will now issue an onscreen prompt which will ask you to reconfirm your order. Click OK.


Configure and Setup Free Trial Call Tracking Number. Setup the Forward-to Recipient Number in your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account.

AvidTrak will now take you to the screen where you may setup the Forward-To Number. A Forward-To number is the recipient number which will receive calls from the dynamically inserted AvidTrak Pro Call tracking number. Your recipient number may be your office, home or mobile number. Enter the recipient phone number in the field labeled Change Forwarding of Avid Numbers. Please enter the phone number digits without using dashes, parenthesis, spaces or dots. After entering in the digits click the Update Forwarding button.


The image below captures the call tracking number assignment view. Each call tracking number has to be assigned to track a particular marketing channel. For example if you wish to track calls that emanate from your Adwords paid search visits you would assign phone numbers to track Google PPC visitors. To assign a number click on the link labeled Change that appears under the ACTION column.


In the dialog box that appears select Google PPC from the pull down menu labeled Select Engine/Type. Save your assignment settings by clicking the Change button.


Refresh your screen and your newly acquired phone number will appear with its respective phone number assignment.


Configuring and verifying the settings in your newly setup Call Tracking Account

Verify that your settings for your new call tracking account are correct by clicking My Account > My Account Settings.


Verify that the information displayed in fields 1a through 1f in the My Account section appears correct. Correct as needed and then click Update to save your settings.


Configuring and Setting up your Call Tracking Numbers for Call Recording and Pre-Amble Announcement

If you intend to record the conversation of incoming calls then you can do so by clicking the button labeled Set Preamble. A preamble is an announcement that your caller hears advising them that their phone calls are being recorded. Before recording conversations you may want to check your State law on what type of conversations may be recorded and your liabilities if any with respect to advising your callers of the phone recording.


In the field labeled Recording & Preamble Setting type in your announcement to the Caller. Apply a check to the Recording box and the click Update to save your settings.


Dynamic Number Replacement by way of Smart Replacement: specifying which numbers on your website are to be replaced by dynamically inserted call tracking numbers

Your website/web page may have one or more numbers that you wish to be swapped out or dynamically replaced with a call tracking number. In Step-2 of your account setup you will enter in the phone number(s) that you wish AvidTrak to look for on your web page(s) and automatically replace the same with dynamically inserted call tracking number. In the field labeled Current Site Phone Number(s) enter the number or numbers that appears on your website that you wish to be swapped with a call tracking number. Click the Save button to save your settings.


After you have entered the number or numbers into Step-2 SMART REPLACEMENT you can see a manifest of the numbers that AvidTrak will look for on your web pages and dynamically insert with a call tracking number.


Acquiring and placing your account-specific JavaScript to allow for Dynamic Number Replacement of call tracking numbers

By placing your account specific AvidTrak JavaScript on your web pages your site allows AvidTrak to dynamically insert call tracking numbers into your web page. To access your account specific JavaScript click the field labeled GET JS CODE. Copy and paste the highlighted JavaScript code onto a notepad and email the notepad to your Web Developer for placement on your web pages.


AvidTrak recommends that its JavaScript be placed/inserted at the bottom of the web page just before the closing body tag (as shown in the example below).


Adding Google Adwords ValueTrack Tagging Parameters to your Destination URL. Using AvidTrak Call Tracking with ValueTrack tags

AvidTrak makes it easy for you to apply Google Adwords ValueTrack tagging parameters to your Adwords destination URLs. Applying ValueTrack tags to your destination URL is required to accurately track your Adwords keywords. To generate a tag click My Account > Resources > URL Generator


In the field provided enter the targeted web page. Apply checks and click Generate URL. Your landing page destination URL will appear in the field labeled Generated URL. Use this new ValueTrack tagged destination URL in your Adwords Campaigns.


Advanced Settings for your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

After completing your basic account setup you may wish to explore the advanced features of AvidTrak. To access the advanced features click on the Option Show/Hide button


Advanced Settings WordPress Plugin for your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

If you utilize WordPress for your website you can utilize AvidTrak’s WordPress Plugin. Utilize your account’s unique HashKey within the WordPress Plugin Download.


Advanced Settings Integrating Google Analytics with your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

AvidTrak allows you to push phone call conversions into Google Analytics as Events. To enable the integration between Google Analytics (GA) and AvidTrak click the Enable Radio Button and click the Set button. If you plan on using GA-Universal Analytics apply a check and place an object name in the field that is provided. Enter your Google Analytics ID and also the Email that you use for your GA account. Click SAVE to save your settings.


Advanced Settings Receive Email Alerts of Incoming Call Recordings

You may setup AvidTrak to send you email alerts of phone calls with call recording links. In the space provided enter the email address that you would like to receive notifications and click the Set button.


Advanced Settings Change your User ID and Password for your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

You may change your AvidTrak Pro account User ID and Password by clicking on the Change Username/Password link. Please note that your User ID may not contain any special characters and may not contain any spaces. Your User ID should be alphanumeric and contain at least 1 upper case letter and at least 1 digit. Passwords must be alphanumeric and may not contain any spaces or special characters such as !@#$%^&*()_+


Advanced Settings Change or Customize Your Dashboard Settings of your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

You may change the appearance of your Dashboard to suit your needs. Click on the Dashboard Settings link and apply checks to the data fields/sections that you wish to be activated within your Dashboard View.


Advanced Settings Change or Customize Your Default Date Range of AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

AvidTrak allows its Users to specify the default date range for data displayed within the system. After selecting your preferred data display date range option click the Set Default Date Range button to save your settings.


Advanced Settings Change or Customize your Reporting Time Zone for your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

You may setup call reporting time based on the time zone that you live in. After selecting your preferred reporting time zone from the pull down menu click the Save Time Zone button to save your settings.


Advanced Settings Turn ON Display of Campaign and AdGroup Field reporting columns within your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

If you are tagging your campaign name and ad group names and wish these data to be captured and displayed within your call tracking reports, you may enable the fields that publish these data in your call logs. Click on the button labeled Display ON and these fields will automatically get populated with campaign and adgroup data taken from your visitor’s URL string.


Advanced Settings Setup a Default Call Tracking Number to be published on your website for Direct visitors to your site.

If you would like to track the number of calls that come in by way of visitors who land at your site by typing in your URL you can setup a Direct-Visit-Only-Phone-Number within AvidTrak. This specific phone number is published (dynamically inserted) on your website only when a visitor lands on your site by typing in your URL. To setup a phone number for direct visits acquire an AvidTrak Lite (Static) number and then type in the digits of this number in the field that is labeled Use This Number. Click Save to save your settings.


Advanced Settings Import, Integrate and Publish your Google Adwords Data with your Matched Calls Data in your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

AvidTrak allows import of your Adwords data into your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account. The Adwords data are imported by way of the Adwords API which allows AvidTrak to import from Adwords: impressions, clicks, CTR, click costs, keywords, ad group, campaigns, Ads and online conversions. These data are merged with your AvidTrak call tracking data to present to you a unified view of how your Adwords campaigns are performing from a perspective of a cost per form lead and/or cost per phone call lead. To integrate your Adwords data enter in your Adwords ID with your Adwords Email address in the respective fields. Click the Save button and within 24 hours of your next login to your Adwords account you should see a request from AvidTrak seeking accessing to your account data by way of Adwords MCC. After you grant Google approval to release access to your data AvidTrak shall begin importing your data into your account User Interface. Allow up to 24-36 hours for the data merge completion.


Advanced Settings Setup a Click-to-Call Number in your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

Click-to-call is a call back functionality that is supported by AvidTrak. The click-to-call feature allows visitors to your website to enter in a phone number which then gets called by the call tracking system after it first patches and connects to your phone. The click-to-call feature is a courteous way of engaging with your clientele in that your clientele are not left on hold while your agents engage with other clients. To setup click to call enter your receiving number and click the button labeled Call This Number. The call tracking system will call you back and you will need to key in the digits that appear on your UI. This validates the receiving phone number. Next you will need to place the script on your page where the click-to-call number appears.


Advanced Settings API Pincode in your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

If you plan on utilizing AvidTrak API for importing data from your call tracking account you may generate a unique PIN code that is specific for your account.


Advanced Settings Setup Customized Call Forwarding Times and Forwarding – Recipient Numbers within your AvidTrak Pro Call Tracking Account

Some businesses which operate on 24/7 basis nominate teams and/or special call centers to handle off-business hours phone calls. AvidTrak supports such businesses endeavors with the use of a call forwarding feature that allows Users to set the day of the week and respective time which is matched to a particular receiving number. After selecting a day of the week apply the active time rules for the receiving number. Be sure to test your rules by dialing your call tracking number after you have setup the call forwarding.


If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)