How to setup or change the “forward to” number in AvidTrak

  1. Login to your User account
  2. Click on the menu option Dashboard within the Horizontal Menu bar.
  3. Click sub-menu Configuration.
  4. Click the ‘+’ sign to open Account Settings
  5. In the box labeled “Change Forwarding of Avid Numbers” type in the phone number that will receive inbound phone calls from the AvidTrak tracking numbers. Do not use spaces, brackets or dashes.
  6. Click on the box labeled “Check to update forwarding”
  7. Click on the button labeled “Update Account Settings” to save your work.
    Place a test call to your AvidTrak number to ensure that your phone number is patching throug
If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)