How to perform basic configuration of your AvidTrak-Online (Pro) call tracking account

Quick Start/Basic Configuration of your AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Account

AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Accounts support Dynamic Number Insertion as well as non-dynamic (Static) number call reporting. Use dynamic numbers whenever you wish to tie-back phone calls to web visitor clicks.

After logging into your account click on Dashboard and choose My Account > My Account Setting


Verify that the information in fields 1a through 1f has been filled in correctly. In Step 1e enter the phone number that will receive calls. After you have filled in the required information be sure to click Update to save your settings.


In Step-2, SMART REPLACEMENT, add the phone number that appears currently on your website. This would be your current website number that you wish to be replaced dynamically with AvidTrak Number(s). After entering the number be sure Save your number. If you have more than one number that you wish to be dynamically changed with an AvidTrak number enter the other number(s) as well.


Access and Install Client Account Specific JavaScript

In Step-3 you will copy and paste the JavaScript (JS) code onto a notepad. Email the JS code to your Web Master together with the installation instructions which you can view/obtain by clicking How-To-Add-JS


Clicking How To Add JS Here will open up Installation Instructions Screen. You can send a screen shot of the screen to your Web Master.


After your Webmaster has completed the JS installation on all pages where you wish to dynamically insert phone numbers, you may verify that the code has been installed correctly on the web pages by clicking My Account > Resources > Validate Code. Copy and Paste the URL of the web pages that contain AvidTrak code and click Validate. If there are no mistakes in code installation the system will generate “Successfully Validated” on the screen


Acquiring and configuring AvidTrak-Online (Pro) dynamic inserted tracking number(s) to your account

Click AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Phone Setup and select Order New Numbers as shown in the screenshot below


In the new screen that opens up enter the type of number that you wish to purchase. This may be either a toll free or a local number. In the Area Code field enter the desired area code. Click Search to find a number that is to your liking



Complete selection of the number that you wish to purchase by checking the box next to your number and then click Order


If you wish to proceed with your purchase click OK when the Onscreen pop up seeks to reconfirm your purchase decision


After you have successfully completed your phone number purchase, AvidTrak will confirm to you that a new number was added to your account


Every new purchase/addition of AvidTrak numbers needs to be allocated towards a tracking channel. To allocate a number you need to click AvidTrak-Online (Pro) Phone Setup > Number Assignment


Find the number that you have purchased and click Change which appears under the Action column


In the dialog box select the source that you wish to assign towards this number. In the example below we have selected Google PPC. After making your selection please click the Change button. An onscreen prompt will advise you that your settings have been saved.


Many AvidTrak users utilize Google Adwords and MSN Ad Center tags to increase the click data that are available through search engines. AvidTrak supports Adwords ValueTrack tagging parameters as well Bing Ad Center tags. To realize the full functionality of ValueTrack click My Account > Resources > URL Generator. These tags are added to your ad’s or keyword’s destination URL.


Enter the destination page URL which is to be appended with tags. For Adwords Paid Search select the box “I will be using Google Search Network” for Adwords Display select the other box. If you wish Adwords to report the match type as well as ad position then select then check the respective boxes. Checking ( c )and ( g ) will allow you to write in the campaign name and ad group name associated with your ad. Click Generate URL to create your tagged destination URL


Scrolling down through the screen you will see the Generated URLs. Copy and paste the Generated URL into the space provided for your Adwords Ad’s destination URL.


If you have questions regarding the above instructions please email or call (310) 275-3066 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific)