BYON Call Tracking Using Your Own Phone Numbers.


BYON Call Tracking Using Your Own Phone Numbers. BYON Call Tracking without Porting Your Own Phone Numbers

BYON Call Tracking System for Direct Response Advertisers, Search Marketers and Display Advertising Campaign Managers who wish to use their own call tracking numbers without porting of numbers to another carrier.

AvidTrak-BYON Call Tracking System is a white labeled, call tracking product platform used by Direct Response, SEM and PPC Campaign Managers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns in generating phone calls. The AvidTrak BYON Call Tracking Platform solves the following challenges for Corporate IT Managers:

  1. How can a very large corporation which has invested millions in building a scalable, tested and proven-not-to-fail telephony infrastructure implement call tracking without porting over the phone numbers to a third party?
  2. How should a corporation which has negotiated corporate-wide bulk discounts for toll free numbers and per minute charges (from its existing telephony carrier) use the same carrier and cost structure for implementing call tracking for measuring ROI of marketing activities?

We developed the AvidTrak BYON call tracking platform specifically to address the needs of Corporate IT and Business Continuity Officers tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their corporate inbound phone call system was fully utilized and protected from avoidable risk. Moreover because large corporations typically utilize thousands of inbound phone lines carrying millions of minutes per month of talk time, cost per telephone line and talk time per minute paid to the corporation’s carrier of choice is nominal thus allowing the actual cost of call tracking for computing marketing ROI to be negligible.

AvidTrak BYON is a dedicated hosted-solution wherein the platform’s software offers all the tracking functionality and reporting capabilities of AvidTrak Agency Account and AvidTrak Professional Account. The noted difference is that AvidTrak BYON allows a corporation to continue using its own phone numbers and carrier.

By allowing a corporation to use its own numbers the need for porting of numbers is eliminated. By using one’s own numbers (basically bringing your own number) eliminates any risk associated with numbers not being ported over. Additionally the costs associated with deploying, testing and validating call quality and phone line reliability for thousands of numbers is avoided. Not only are budgets saved but time to roll out is saved as deployment does not pose the business continuity risk of switching one’s tried and tested carrier.

International Call Tracking System for International Phone Numbers.

Although AvidTrak offers international inbound calling phone numbers in over 30 countries US, Canadian and international corporations can utilize AvidTrak BYON to perform call tracking in virtually any country of the world. Because the AvidTrak BYON platform is not country dependent or for that phone call carrier dependent the system may be deployed to track phone calls anywhere in the world.

Typical Use Case and Example of Very Large Enterprise that has benefited from AvidTrak BYON Call Tracking Platform

Approximately three years ago one of the largest corporations in the US approached AvidTrak with the following need:

  • Tie-back phone call leads to search keywords, display ads and email marketing
  • Report phone call conversions to the company’s proprietary bid management system and
  • Report display ad phone call conversions into Google’s DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) platform so that display ad placement could be optimized
  • Report phone calls conversions into Google Analytics Professional
  • Use call detail reports (CDR) from existing carrier (AT&T Business Direct)

The AvidTrak + ATT solution delivered to our client is hosted on dedicated secure servers architected to scale hundreds of times in a fraction of a second. The platform is capable of serving up thousands of AT&T toll free tracking numbers to millions of new web visitors per month and every month it stores unique call records for hundreds of thousands of new callers who respond to the company’s digital marketing and offline marketing initiatives. Customized reporting is automated and fed into various marketing departments via API and FTP.

The AvidTrak + ATT scenario describes the information acquisition opportunity we offer to very large enterprises who wish to retain full control over their telephony infrastructure while realizing the cost savings of utilizing own phone numbers.

Use Case and Example of Home Services Provider that has benefited from AvidTrak BYON Call Tracking Platform

One of the most well recognized nationwide brand in the home maintenance and services vertical approached AvidTrak with the following specification:

  • We utilize thousands of toll free call tracking phone numbers which we have owned for many years. The phone numbers have tremendous brand equity built into them and therefore it is mission critical that we do not port our numbers to any third party carrier.
  • We operate 4 call centers nationwide and the algorithms used in our call routing system is based upon algorithms that use our own data which is our intellectual property. Our call routing system yields us a competitive advantage over others and therefore we need to control it.
  • Our company has invested millions in developing proprietary CRM and Business Intelligence software which utilizes toll free tracking number codes to generate reports. For legacy reporting purposes and to maintain business continuity we cannot introduce new numbers into old marketing campaigns but it is imperative that we achieve granularity in reporting on our online marketing activities.
  • Our business is seasonal which means we experience up to a 300 percent spike in call volume and web site hits during our peak season. Your call tracking software must be capable of supporting a sudden ramp in site visits and must be able to track and report on either hundreds or for that matter thousands of phone calls a day (during peak season).
  • What we need is a call tracking system which allows us to use our own numbers while delivering us reports on which online marketing campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad creative deliver the highest ROI. We use Marin Software to manage our online bids and we need your call tracking system to report into Marin Software.
  • Lastly because we take credit card numbers over the phone, we cannot provide you direct access to our phone records. Hence you will need to utilize non-confidential data from our CRM (which we shall provide to you) to perform call attribution and keyword matching.

The AvidTrak + Proprietary CRM + Marin Software solution delivered to our client a year ago was engineered, deployed and validated for production within four weeks of receipt of order. Because our client brought their own tracking numbers risk to business continuity and sales lead flow was not a consideration in the project implementation schedule thus freeing up time and money. Reporting is automated and delivered daily into Marin Software and also to other key individuals working in the Marketing department. The client’s proprietary CRM + Business Intelligence software continued (and continues) to function without being exposed to any disruption caused by the introduction of outside phone numbers.

In summary: our client not only saves money by utilizing their own numbers for call tracking but now also has greater visibility into their marketing campaigns. By deploying AvidTrak BYON years of brand equity built into the phone numbers was preserved and business continuity during implementation was not put at risk.

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